iOS 6 Predictions

Another year, another expected major release from Apple for their iOS platform. Have to say, with all the previous releases filling some much-missed functionality holes, this list has been the hardest to compose by far.

  1. Apple Television/iTV: Apple is widely expected to release their own revolutionary (and enormously expensive) television set, and iOS 6 will be baked straight into it. Apps functionality, Siri, iMessage, etc, all built for the big screen.
  2. Third Party Access to Siri: Would open up a whole new generation of using applications. “Tweet happy new year to everyone!” “What’s the latest score for the Arsenal – Man Utd game?” “Check-in to King’s Cross Station on Foursquare.”
  3. Settings Toggles in Notification Centre: Already demonstrated by a clever Jailbroken hack by SBSettings, this could make changing certain settings considerably easier and faster, as well as being something that users have been asking about for a while now. Plus, with Siri integration, this could prove Siri’s growing intelligence and usefulness.

This is a work in progress, and more predictions will be added at a later date.

Things that won’t be included in iOS 6:

  1. Siri for older generations: Think of it as when people discovered the iPhone 3G could in fact support video recording, but only the 3GS officially supported it. It can be done, but Apple need something to brag about with each device release, and Siri is the icing on the iPhone 4S cake.

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